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   1:1 eyelash training

Class times are flexible and convenient. We are an experienced training program, not a beauty school, and we do not provide eyelash technician licenses. The course primarily focuses on three aspects: practicing, observing the instructor's technique, and performing on real models. We provide all practice materials and tools for free.

Our eyelash training is distinct from others; our program consists of 20% theory and 80% practical application. We offer one-on-one guidance with hands-on teaching. Through continuous practice and experience accumulation during the exercises, students learn effectively. Many schools and salons offer quick courses, where all the theory is taught in one day, leaving many beginners or novices unskilled and unfamiliar when working with clients.

Cindy Chen has nearly ten years of experience in eyelash application, having spent the first seven and a half years in Los Angeles and the past two years in Minnesota. Throughout this decade, she has worked with thousands of clients, both Western and Asian, gaining extensive experience. She specializes in eyelash design, making classic eyelash extensions last longer, manual fan creation, advanced color eyelash matching, wispy design, and more.

If you are interested in eyelash extensions, have previously attended beauty school or online courses but still don't know how to proceed, struggle with the inner and outer corners of the eyes, experience shaky hands during application, work slowly, or if you are a beautician looking to enhance your skills, please contact us at:

Pink Sugar


False eyelashes displaying on a pink background
basic training

.classic eyelash extension

.basic design

.eyelash remove

Four course----------1 week ( every time 3-4 hours)

1:1 guidance for two models

TUITION:  $ 1000

Advanced  training

volume eyelash extension

advanced design

color design

hand make fans

advanced skill

Four course--------1 week( every time 3-4 hours)

1:1 guidance for two models


Basic training +    advanced training 

8 course---------2weeks( every time 3-4hours)

1:1 guidance for five models


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